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Explore our full range of sustainability services

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All modules from our sustainability packages are available as standalone services


We also offer additional sustainability services to suit organisations of all types

Other Services

We have multiple sustainability services available in addition to our packages, including:

  • UK Government PPN 06/21 compliance support
  • B Corp assessment support
  • Staff environmental awareness training
  • Energy audits (incl. ESOS compliance)
  • Sustainability policy development
  • Materiality assessment
  • Value chain mapping
  • Sustainability report aligned to GRI, SASB, TCFD

Sustainability modules

Sustainability ambition workshop

We support you to explore and understand your current environmental sustainability context and articulate your sustainability ambition

This will set the backdrop and steer the direction for the rest of your sustainability journey

Stakeholder engagement strategy

We work with you to identify and analyse the key stakeholders in your sustainability journey

We’ll then support you to develop an engagement strategy for each stakeholder to meaningfully participate in your journey and improve their own sustainability

Which stakeholders are supporting or hindering your achievement of greater sustainability?

Environmental policy and commitment

We introduce you to the world of environmental commitments and support you to articulate and formalise your own commitments and environmental policy

An environmental policy is the cornerstone of an organisation’s environmental action, and we ensure you develop a policy that meets best practice standards

Evaluation of compliance

We conduct an evaluation of compliance to assess your organisation’s compliance with legal and non-legal environmental obligations

We identify where processes or documentation need to be strengthened to ensure your environmental compliance is watertight moving forward

Carbon footprint assessment

We analyse your organisation’s material environmental impacts through our carbon footprint assessment

We present findings in a detailed technical report and a high-level overview for external publication. We also provide insights and guidance on improve carbon data tracking going forward

We model the data against your net zero target to help visualise your commitment and trajectory

Carbon reduction strategy

We support you to plot your net zero trajectory and start building your decarbonisation strategy

We help your organisation set ambitious carbon reduction actions in the short, medium and long term that will ensure your science-based net zero target can be achieved

Navigating carbon offsets

We help you to understand and navigate the complex voluntary market of carbon credits

You are supported to identify and purchase credible carbon offset projects to account for your unavoidable emissions and achieve self-reported carbon neutrality for the reporting period

Sustainability reporting

We move beyond the focus on environmental sustainability and introduce the broader concept of sustainability and associated reporting frameworks

Your organisation will understand how to prioritise material topics for reporting and articulate sustainability strategies to produce reporting that meets best practice