Our policies

The following MannionDaniels policies and statements apply to all employees, business partners and representatives engaged by mdsustain. These policies are developed and followed by MannionDaniels, the owner of mdsustain.

All these documents are revised on a regular and/or needs basis. It is therefore important to visit this website from time to time during your engagement with us. If you have a query regarding any of the policies/documents, please contact sustainability@manniondaniels.com

Anti-corruption, Fraud and Bribery Policy

Outlines personal responsibilities in observing  and  upholding  MannionDaniels’ and mdsustain’s position on  bribery,  corruption,  and  fraud; describes the  company’s  Anti- corruption, Fraud  and Bribery framework, and  provides  information  and guidance  on  how  to  recognise  and  deal  with  bribery,  fraud and  corruption  issues.

Anti-Corruption, Fraud and Bribery Policy (September 2022)

Business Code of Ethics

Sets out the values, business culture and practices that we aim to demonstrate and expect of all our staff, partners, suppliers and consultants throughout our supply chain.

Business Code of Ethics (September 2022)

Conflict of Interest Policy

Sets out the standards expected regarding conflicts of interest and how to manage any perceived or actual conflict of interest.

Conflict of Interest Policy (September 2022)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy

The following policy describes our approach to promoting social justice, human rights and sustainable development.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy (Feb 2022)

Counterterrorism and Anti-Money Laundering Policy Statement

Sets out MannionDaniels’ and mdsustain’s position on terrorist activities and financing, and money laundering. It also provides guidance for staff and partners to manage and avoid the risks of becoming involved in terrorist activity or money laundering.

Counter-Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering Policy Statement (September 2021)

Data Protection Policy

MannionDaniels and mdsustain recognise the importance of preserving privacy and protecting personal data and is committed to complying with the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA18) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Protection Policy (March 2022)

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy

Provides our approach to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce and across all our practices.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy (November 2021)

Environmental Policy Statement

Outlines our commitment to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, complying with environmental legislation and other requirements relevant to our activities.

Environmental Policy (August 2022)

Health, Safety and Security Statement

Reiterates our duty of care to staff, business partners, clients, communities, and beneficiaries with whom we engage. It also outlines our responsibility to provide a safe workplace and to protect people, information systems, and our physical and intellectual assets against loss or compromise.

Health, Safety and Security Policy Statement (September 2021)

Information Security Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all information systems operated by MannionDaniels and mdsustain are secure and aspire to comply with the standards of the Data Protection Act, and the Computer Misuse Act.

Information Security Policy (January 2022)

Modern Slavery Policy

Outlines our zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and how we implement effective systems and measures to ensure modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our own business or in any of our supply chains.

Modern Slavery Policy (May 2022)

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlines information about data management and protection, such as what, how and where we store personal information. In this section you can find details on how to access your data.

Privacy Policy (May 2021)

Safeguarding Policy

Sets out our commitment to protect children and young people from harm or risk. It also outlines how we identify and respond to safeguarding children and young people concerns.

Safeguarding Policy (April 2022)